Safety is the number one priority at A-1 Rocket. We are currently enrolled in ISNetworld for all of our Owner-Clients. Employee Drug Screens are administered by DISA. When being added as a contractor, all of our insurance certificates and safety ratings will be made available. All of our customers have been pleased with our track record. All of our onsite technicians and managers receive extensive professionally administered safety training as well as any Company-specific trainings.

EMR 0.83


Natural Gas Compressor

Vendor Relations

A-1 Rocket currently works for, and holds, Master Service Agreements with several large up-stream and mid-stream companies nationwide. Our management team has worked closely with the producers to ensure the MSAs are executed quickly and properly. After we are an approved contractor, we can get down to our business of helping your processes run more smoothly.


A-1 Rocket Energy Services is dedicated to helping our clients remediate hot processing temperatures with fin fan cleaning. Rocket’s method of cleaning air-cooled heat exchangers removes debris that decrease the units efficiency while not causing any damage to the delicate fins, electric motors or fan bearings. We do this while working safely and environmentally friendly. All of A-1 Rocket’s chemicals are readily biodegradable and carry a NSF rating.

Location and Service

A-1 Rocket’s reputation for service has built the Fin Fan Cleaning division. Our South Texas office is just that: a South Texas office. All of our technicians and foreman live in South Texas. Our location helps to reduce response times in an emergency situation as well as reduce cost for the customer during multi-day turn arounds.